Research Training

We support institutes with improving their research by imparting research training.

The primary objective of the edept’s research training is to equip learners with fundamental knowledge regarding research methodologies and their philosophical foundations. This aims to provide learners with a basic understanding of the principles that guide research practices. Furthermore, the training intends to offer a comprehensive introduction to research, covering both theoretical concepts and practical applications throughout the research process. Our training seeks to familiarise learners with both quantitative and qualitative research methods, aiming to develop a proficient understanding of each approach.

Upon successful completion of the training, learners will gain the ability to identify the most suitable research design for their specific research inquiries, apply relevant research methods effectively, and understand the limitations inherent in various research approaches. They will also develop essential skills in writing and presenting research findings, as well as utilizing electronic resources and databases for research purposes.

Key pillars of our research training:

  • We support Open Access
  • We support Research Integrity
  • We don’t guarantee research outcomes

We provide fellowships and research grants for young researchers.